What is New Generation Social Work?

Hello friends and colleagues. I’m Alshad (People call me Ash). I’m a social worker, a creative and a podcaster. As a social worker I’m interested in professional experience and the views; perspectives that professionals create when they access learning opportunities. I believe that true potential and vision shape the world we create. I have a professional and personal interest in academia, writing, design thinking and health. So, I’ve decided to explore these areas through dialogue and creative discussions with professionals to rewrite how we can work together, and provide a safe space to achieve a deeper sense of human experience. I believe this will help professionals feel valuable and reassure them that their journeys are not only valuable, but a key learning resource for the new generation of social work.

What exactly do we do?

In this project, I use modern tools like podcasts, blogs, newsletters, and social media to capture the imaginations of professionals from all backgrounds. I am hoping along the way you will join me capture the true essence of social work perspectives and how their contribution create the dynamics of the profession we are all passionate about. I host a podcast called Real Talk, I write blogs together with professionals, I also write a regular newsletter to share interesting viewpoints from the life of professionals, their experiences and passion. I aim to help stimulate creativity, offer rejuvenating insights that may help us discover our potential as social workers in a more meaningful way. I believe that, as social workers, there’s still so much more to be discovered, and so many more skills we possess that can be enhanced.

The Projects

Sociological Imagination

A project about Theory and Practice that aims to deep dive, discuss and explore the academic arena, using the online platform  as a method to bridge the gap between busy front line professionals and academics.

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Social Work – Let’s Move!

An exploration into the dynamics of health, wellbeing and self-care for social workers.

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The Aspiring Writer

An exploration for social workers with an interest for writing. Establishing creative ways for social workers to identify their unique writing potential, skill and ability.

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Real Talk

A Podcast channel that provides a safe space for social workers to explore and connect to professional stories, experiences, and imagination.

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Anti Racism in Social Work

This project explores the nature of racism in social work and seeks to develop a better understanding through professional experience, views and perspective.

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