Sociological Imagination

Sociological Imagination is inspired from C. Wright Mills – a famous Sociologist in the 20th Century. In its simplest form, the sociological imagination is a concept that provides a framework to understand the relationship between society and the personal lives of professionals from a sociological perspective.

The term Sociological Imagination in the context of my project implies thinking, discussing, exploring and deep diving into the academic arena – working together – with academics and using the online platform as a method to bridge the gap between busy frontline professionals and academic institutions.

The project aims to explore how we can make academic knowledge practical and relevant to our roles as social workers through an exploration of research and knowledge.

Join me on a journey where I explore how we can enable students, ASYE’s and busy professionals to keep up to date with the most current research and discussions on social work practice which points to a language that we understand and find practical.

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Social Work – Let’s Move!

The profession is characterised by high levels of burnout, chronic stress and illness and the risk is real.

In this section of the project, I explore the dynamics of health and wellbeing for professionals. Despite an array of research, little is known practically about how we can sustain our health and wellbeing throughout our careers.

Join me on a journey to discovering love, self-care and wellbeing through discussion and dialogue with social workers and respective professionals.

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The Aspiring Writer

This area of the project has been kindly supported by Jacqui Lofthouse, a writing expert who owns her own professional writing agency here in the UK.

This section of the project is for aspiring social workers who have an interest in writing and storytelling. I believe that we as social workers we hold an intrinsic and unique writing ability and quality to write.

With this belief, I embark on my own journey to discovering how our professional experiences and writing skills can be developed and maybe even transformed into proficient writing careers.

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Real Talk

This area of the project will hold various discussions from different professionals focusing on establishing a deeper sense of human and professional experience.

We engage with professionals and examine how to rehumanise professional experience, views and perspectives through creative dialogue and discussion, in an attempt to capture the imaginations of professionals.

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Anti Racism in Social Work

An exploration of the emerging anti-racism movement in modern day social work.

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