Welcome to New Generation Social Work

New Generation Social Work is about creating open dialogue with different professionals from different backgrounds.

In my search for meaning, I focus on capturing professional imaginations to help me understand what drives professionals and ignites their passion and identify what self discovery means to them. The goal is to build an understanding through the sharing of stories, experiences and perspectives, thereby to co-create meaning in professional modern day social work.

I will be hosting weekly podcasts with professionals and academics from different backgrounds and fields to create dialogue in the hope of gaining a better understanding of current issues and affairs. Each podcast is going to be coupled with a blog post where I reflect on each discussion objectively and tease out some practical lessons. I am hoping that you will join me on this journey and with your support build this into a bigger story and in the process help us learn and grow together.

This is all in hope that we build on the intrinsic and raw internal resources that we all share – coined as passion, I introduce you to New Generation Social Work.





Sociological Imagination

A project about Theory and Practice that aims to deep dive, discuss and explore the academic arena, using the online platform  as a method to bridge the gap between busy front line professionals and academics.



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Social Work – Let Move!

An exploration into the dynamics of health, wellbeing and self-care for social workers.

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The Writing Coach

An exploration for social workers with an interest for writing. Establishing creative ways for social workers to identify their unique writing potential, skill and ability.

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Real Talk

“Real talk” A Podcast channel that provides a safe space for social workers to explore and connect to professional stories, experiences, and imagination.




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