Hi, I am Clare from Limeflower Wellbeing

If you are looking to find ways to calm your mind, reduce stress, overwhelm, and prevent burnout, you have come to the right place.

Having worked in social care and social work for over 20 years predominantly in hostel settings, family intervention, fostering and adoption; I understand the challenges of front line and other areas of social work. I also know the pressures and demands of the role, which can impact on a persons’ wellbeing.

Having been through my own journey of burnout, I know first-hand the detrimental impact of this on a physical and emotional level. It’s amazing how our bodies can show us when we are out of tune with ourselves, but often we just carry on and ignore the early signs. Once I recovered however, I knew it was important to share what I had learnt to support others.

I found cognitive hypnotherapy, coaching and neurolinguistic programing to be the most effective tools in my recovery. I have also learnt about neuroscience and the impact of stress on the mind and body and have now trained in these specialisms to share my learning.

My experiences are different to others, but the fundamental knowledge and techniques I learnt can support people to have their own wellbeing ‘toolkit’ and I work in a personalised way to ensure this feels relaxing and restorative.

I recognise there are things that we can’t change within our roles, but we can change the way we respond to this and how we can utilise the power of our minds by reframing our thoughts, perceptions and placing more boundaries.

I offer bespoke 1:1 and groupwork sessions via zoom or face to face, that teach relaxation and mindset techniques to relax, equip and empower you. Once we have the right tools and mindset, we can rediscover our natural wellbeing.

My specialisms are stress reduction, sleep issues, reducing overwhelm and preventing and overcoming burnout. This is using relaxation/visualisation skills, hypnotherapy, coaching, mindset techniques; bespoke to you. I can also support people with other aspects of the role such as confidence in meetings, court attendance, and assertiveness and ensure this is individualised.

My 1:1 sessions support you on an individual basis and support you to calm your thoughts, gain a new perspective and build more resilience in order to support your well-being and develop your own wellbeing ‘toolkit’. I also send an audio of each session of a guided relaxation/visualisation which embeds positive suggestions to enable you to naturally make the changes you desire.

The groupwork programmes can be purchased by organisations to support their staff in enhancing their emotional well-being, reduce stress and gain relaxation/confidence skills and breathing techniques to relax and reset. These can be developed as a bespoke programme depending on staff needs.

Feel free to look at my website pages (updated by Feb 23) where I explain more about my background and the sessions/packages/workshops I offer or e-mail me to book a free 40-minute phone or zoom consultation.

I currently offer virtual sessions via zoom or face-to-face from the Practice Rooms in Hove and can hire rooms for the workshops or come to your workplace.

Email: Clare@limeflower-wellbeing.co.uk
Website: www.limeflower-wellbeing.co.uk