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Looking to get your friend a gift? Our “Buy for a friend bundle” is great for that. With this bundle you get 2 x Diaries plus a free Map of the Day.

Interested in bulk purchasing?

Are you a University, Local Authority or Social Work Academy interested in buying our products in bulk?

The front-line social work diary is a bespoke social work diary designed for front line professionals with busy and extensive schedules. The diary offers a professional yet contemporary and colourful design filled with inspirational quotes and messages from professionals who remain in frontline practice, to inspire you in an authentic way.

The diary also includes personalised activities as part of the feature pages and even two mandala images to instil a calming and therapeutic sense. These can be coloured or used as activities to touch base with professional identities, used as reflective pages, use over lunch, when drifting away in long meetings or just have fun and doodle to relieve yourself from your daily stresses. Its your diary so be messy, creative or formal and make it work for you in whatever way you wish for a personalised experience.

The map of the day is a to do list that goes beyond the traditional tick box to do list and offers a map for professional to navigate their daily schedules. The pad offers a professional yet contemporary and colourful design which includes an 8.00 am - 17.00 schedule for professionals to map against their calendar and physically write/highlight their schedule for the day.

The map also includes a timescales matrix inspired by the "Eisenhower Matrix" to assist professionals prioritise and plan their timescales as they plan their weeks. A traditional to do list has been included to make note and tick away as the day progresses. A "Brain Scribble" section has also been as a signature for brain dumping and jotting down those nitty gritty tasks and vital information as the day progresses.

Once the map of the day has been completed it can be used throughout the week if tasks have delayed and you need to remember those important details and tasks to catch up in an organised manner. So feel free to get messy, productive and organised with your Social Work Map of the Day.


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